In recent years, Alzheimer Scotland has been working closely with the Australian Childhood Dementia Initiative to develop our understanding of the numerous neurological conditions and brain diseases that lead to some younger people and children developing what is described as Childhood Dementia. We have also been learning about the impact of these conditions on families and about the lack of support, understanding, research investment and indeed recognition of their needs. Much of this seems to be influenced by the rare nature of these neurological conditions and by the lack of any collective movement capable of bringing these issues into the public domain and political conscience. We support the Australian Childhood Dementia Initiative’s belief that by developing a collective view of these extremely challenging conditions under the descriptor of Childhood Dementia, there is a better chance that greater action, understanding and investment for research could be made and that this will also provide a better sense of community and support for those young people and their families. This has certainly been proven to be effective in Australia.

We were pleased to see that the Scottish Government’s new Dementia Strategy highlighted this as an area for further research and focus and we are keen to support those individuals and families develop a voice and a better understanding of what they are dealing with throughout Scotland. As part of developing this emerging understanding, we have partnered with the Childhood Dementia Initiative, and they have supported and trained a number of our key staff to be better equipped to support and engage with individuals and families in Scotland who might be living with one of these conditions. 

We also agreed to support the development of Emery Productions film “Ivy”, which we believe sensitively and appropriately reflects the personal experiences of a significant group of children and young people and their families in Scotland. Like any new emerging area of understanding, we acknowledge that there might be different views on how best to take forward any form of public engagement and education. We think this short film can help with this dialogue and our goal will be to reach out to individuals, families, professionals and those with an interest in developing better investment, support and research in this area in order to make recommendations on how we in Scotland should move forward.

If you would be interested in helping support this work or would like further information, support or help please do get in touch with our National Dementia Advisor Service, details below: 
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