Dementia Dogs, a project that harness the power of dogs to improve the lives of people living with dementia, are looking for a match for a new dementia assistance dog. With plans to fully train and place a dog later this year, applications are wanted from individuals living in Greater Glasgow who are at a mild stage of dementia and who live at home with a full-time unpaid carer.

Dementia Assistance Dogs are highly trained dogs, helping their family with specific tasks such as fetching medication pouches or reminding their owner to complete routine daily tasks. They live at home, full time, as a constant loving companion. They also can also improve confidence, motivation, and bring a sense of purpose and whole lot of joy and fun in their family’s life. Unlike pet dogs, assistance dogs have full public access rights, so they can provide reassurance and support in busy, unfamiliar environments too.

To date, the Dementia Dog project has placed 10 dogs including Lenny, who was matched and placed with his family in January 2018. Lenny made a huge difference in the lives of Jon and his wife Jeanette, and continues to bring joy to Jeanette since Jon's death.

"When my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it felt like the beginning of the end of our previous lives together. So when we heard about Dementia Dogs, I was ready to try anything that might bring Jon some pleasure," said Jeannete. 

"It wasn’t so much the practical things he did for Jon, like reminding him to take his medicines, and ensuring that we went out for a walk every day, even though Jon had always hated going for walks. It was the light he brought into our lives as we embarked on this new experience together."

Nadia Sutherland, Dementia Specialist from the Dementia Dog Project said: "It is amazing to see the difference these dogs can make for families living with dementia. If you love dogs and meet our criteria, we encourage you to get in touch by registering your interest."

Dementia Dogs on tour 

  • Wednesday 14 February, Glasgow DRC, 81 Oxford Street, Glasgow, G5 9EP, 10.30am -3pm
  • Wednesday 20 March, Motherwell DRC, Dalziel Street, Motherwell, ML1 1PJ, 11am – 3pm
  • Friday 10 May, Kilmarnock DRC, 8-12 College Wynd, KA1 1HN, 11am - 3pm

For more info and applications please visit Dementia Dog website. 


Example of a dementia dog helping a lady living with dementia