The Scottish Government recently engaged in a consultation process for the 4th National Dementia Strategy, looking for input from people with lived experience to inform the strategy, and ultimately improve quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.

Since the Scottish Government made dementia a priority in 2007, there has been a major shift in the depth and quality of national and local dementia policy in Scotland. This has been supported by the development of three National Dementia Strategies focused on the delivery of world-leading approaches and commitments to improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers. Alzheimer Scotland has sought to make a positive contribution to each Strategy based on a detailed assessment of the challenges faced by people living with dementia and their families and what we believe might be possible in terms of system transformation and improvement.

After Alzheimer Scotland hosted a series of public engagements events and conducted a robust consultation process, a report was collated and formally submitted to the Scottish Government on 5 December. Teams supported 127 people with dementia and 171 carers and former carers to have their say across 30 facilitated sessions. A further 45 people provided their views using an online form. The internal working group who led the consultation process ensured Alzheimer Scotland has been able to submit the highest quality of feedback whilst also having the care and welfare of the people we support at the heart of this challenging process.  

In addition to this, Alzheimer Scotland has produced an independent report that provides a detailed assessment and review of the progress we believe has been made in the delivery of the previous three strategies.  From prevention to advanced illness, and including research and workforce development, this detailed report sets out some 35 clear recommendations to Scottish Government.


Report in response to National Dementia Strategy 4

Public Engagement Response