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Alzheimer Scotland has been involved in the development of some useful apps for people with dementia and carers. CogniCare improves the quality of life of people affected by dementia by transforming the caring experience. Purple Alert is a community minded app that's helping people look out for their neighbours.


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Every person with dementia is different and CogniCare can help family carers with everyday tasks of caregiving.

Based on challenges families face, CogniCare recommends personalised resources that address their specific needs. These resources include tips, relevant articles and videos, access to assistive products, as well as community events and services. Carers can also schedule medications, appointments and events.

How this app can help:

CogniCare allows carers to monitor and track changes in the person with dementia with ease and provides comprehensive insights through reports. Carers can share these with healthcare professionals to ensure better communication and enable informed care decisions.

CogniCare is the first app of its kind to provide a one-stop platform for dementia care, integrating cutting-edge technologies to address every aspect of the caring process.

CogniCare works closely with Alzheimer Scotland, the Centre of Dementia Prevention at the University of Edinburgh, family carers and healthcare professionals to ensure CogniCare meets the needs of family carers.

The app can be downloaded on Android devices and will be available soon for download on IOS. 

Find out more on the CogniHealth website.

Purple Alert

Purple Alert

Alzheimer Scotland wants to help find people living with dementia if they are lost.

With the support of people living with dementia and their carers, Police Scotland and Health and Social Care providers we have developed the Purple Alert app as a way to help find people.

How this app can help:

The app allows carers to share the person living with dementia’s profile if they lose their way and allows for eyes and ears on the ground immediately helping to find them.

Purple Alert is the first app of it’s kind in the UK and it is available for free download to iOS and Android smartphones.

Find out more and download Purple Alert here.