Young Jamie Rooney has taken on the remarkable challenge of cycling 100 miles in support of his Granda, as part of our virtual events series, Do it for Dementia.

Jamie's Granda was diagnosed with dementia a couple of years ago so he decided to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland in his honour. 

Jamie Rooney and his granda

Jamie said: "My Granda was always up for a laugh and carry on, and his stories were the best. He got diagnosed with dementia a couple of years ago because he was getting forgetful and we had to keep telling him the same thing but he still had his great sense of humour. In the past year he got slightly worse but in the last 14-15 weeks he has got really bad. My Granda doesn’t really understand anything now, when you speak to him he doesn’t really know what you are talking about and who you are but it doesn’t matter as long as we try spend time with him. A few weeks ago me & my mum stayed with him overnight he never said much but it was good just being with him watching old boxing matches eating domino’s pizza at midnight. Last week we took him a walk we had to get him a wheelchair because he can’t walk far now but it was good. I want to do the cycle for my Granda and to raise money to help everybody living with dementia. It’s horrible."

Jamie Rooney cycling

Jamie's mum, Lorna, said: "I think it’s a good challenge and a realistic one. It keeps him active and fit for when his football starts back up. 

Me & his Dad couldn’t be more proud of him, even writing this my eyes are filling up with pride. We have explained to him from start you might have to repeat yourself to your Granda until he can understand, now he can’t really understand.  I looked through my mum & dads window yesterday, there he was sitting just the 2 of them in living room talking away for about half an hour, Jamie talking and then my dad was telling him things and he is sitting listening and going along with it with their wee cans of cola. I think sometimes kids adapt to things better than adults."

Jamie you are an absolute superstar, we are so proud of you! If you'd like to donate to his Just Giving page, click here.

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