There is a woman in this house

There is a woman in this house, I don’t recognise her face
There is a woman in this house, she’s intruding in my space
My palms begin to sweat, and my heart is racing fast
I am looking for my exits, how long will this capture last
As time goes on, I’m anxious, my mum will expect me home
This woman is making me stay, won’t even let me use her phone
The things she says are madness, she thinks she is my wife
But I am just a young lad, lived with my mother my whole life
I can’t recall how I got here, that part is most confusing
When I say I need to go home, that woman, she is refusing
When I get my chance, I’ll make a run towards the door
I’m scared now, just want my mum, don’t want to be here anymore
She’s locked it, I can’t get out, this is my worst fear
I’m trapped and shouting loudly, in the hope someone will hear
That woman looks upset now, tears rolling down her cheek
She reaches out to touch my hand, she’s too upset to speak
We’re both distressed but catch up glimpse, there’s something in her eyes
It’s familiar, it’s warm, I know her; she’s let down her disguise