There are approximately 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland.

The experience of the illness is subjective and unique to each individual. Effectively tackling the symptoms of dementia requires a coordinated range of health and social care interventions.

Connecting People, Connecting Support

Developed through collaborative working with the Scottish Government, the allied health professional community and the experiences of people living with dementia, Connecting People, Connecting Support framework features as one of the key commitments outlined in Scotland’s third National Dementia Strategy (2017-2020).

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It will be implemented by Alzheimer Scotland’s national AHP Consultant in tandem with the newly formed Alzheimer Scotland AHP Dementia Forum and other key stakeholders.

A summary of the document can be downloaded here. 

Central to this work is the AHP approach:

AHP ApproachA postcard outlining this AHP Approach can be downloaded here. 

Connecting People, Connecting Support, focuses on a number of ambitions to transform the way in which AHPs support people living with dementia. The following folders contain the work being led by the Alzheimer Sctoaldn AHP Dementia Forum.

The first three folders contain the work undertaken up to 2016 in the development of Connecting People, Connecting Support..

The other six folders contain the ongoing work to implement Connecting People, Connecting Support.

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