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How common is dementia and sight loss?

Sight loss affects around 250,000 people with dementia in Scotland and may be caused by:

  • an eye condition, such as cataract;
  • another health condition, such as stroke;
  • normal ageing of the eye;
  • the dementia itself.

People with dementia can have visual difficulties caused by the brain but still have healthy eyes. That is problems perceiving what they see rather than how sharply they see it. Dementias that may have a direct impact on vision are: Lewy body, posterior cortical atrophy, Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.

We've put together a leaflet with the RNIB on useful information. As well as learning more about sight loss and dementia, you'll find a handy checklist on identifying sight loss and other information that will help you make the most of your sight.

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Check out our information sheet below. To talk to someone about dementia, call our 24 Hour Dementia Helpline. 

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