What does it do?

  • It's a clock that projects the time onto a wall or ceiling
  • If you're in bed, it allows to you to see the time without having to stretch to see your clock
  • It lets you see the time easily during the night
  • The one we tested also tells you the weather and can be used as an alarm clock

What’s the problem?

  • You wake up at night and want to know the time
  • You can't see a standard clock face easily

Manufacturer: Various

Approximate cost: £15

What to search for to buy online: digital alarm clock projector


What I liked

The product is packaged very well in bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box.
The box is well designed, explaining exactly what the product does, bullet points are very clear.

What I disliked

The date is very small , but we don’t really use that feature.

What is interesting

The clock can operate with batteries and/or with an AC adaptor. The AC adaptor cable is only about a metre long, so it could be a bit longer.
The instructions are written quite small, but they are relatively clear. However, I wouldn’t remember how to set this up without instructions. I must keep them safe for future reference!

What I thought about it overall

The Projector clock is great! We took it to respite with us and we used it all the time.
N likes the projector clock, we keep it near his bed and he uses it all the time.
For continuous projection you must use the AC adaptor. If you’re just using the batteries, you can press the ‘snooze button’ and it will project the time onto the wall for 5 seconds, so we plugged it in the mains and N can see the time all night.

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Review date
22 July 2019

What I liked

It's easy to see in the dark.
You can read the time without turning your head.
It's portable.
It's easy to set up.

What I disliked

It might not work if you find it difficult to read a digital clock.
Although it only projects the time, the display is full of other colourful information, weather station etc. which may be distracting or annoying.

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Review date
22 July 2019

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