What does it do?

  • It's a either a belt or a pad that can go inside a cushion and warms your core

What’s the problem?

  • You don't move around much, and feel cold even when the room is warm
  • You like to be outdoors, but get cold easily
  • You like a hot water bottle, but worry about getting burned when filling it from the kettle

Approximate cost: £20-£50

What to search for to buy online: feel the warmth heat belt


What I liked

Very comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off
Maintains a gentle, even heat
No risk of burning yourself when wearing, or burning your hands when filling a hot water bottle

What is interesting

Testers could see a variety of situations where the belt would be of use - if a house is not being heated or for people who enjoy being outdoors walking, going to football or gardening for example.

Dementia Circl… (not verified)

Review date
18 July 2019

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