What does it do?

  • It's a device which can show your position on a map when you're outdoors
  • It has an SOS button you can press to contact someone in an emergency
  • People you trust can view your position from their phones or computer to help make sure you're safe
  • You can choose to set alerts when particular areas are entered or left (sometime called geofences)

What’s the problem?

  • You want to be able to be out and about, but sometimes need a bit of help to find your way
  • Your family are worried that you might get lost and you want to reassure them
  • You want an easy way to let someone know where you are in an emergency

Manufacturer: GPS Trackershop

Approximate cost: £75

What to search for to buy online: propod gps

More information about Safer Walking

There are lots of GPS devices on the market.  Its important to check that the one you choose has features that are important to you, and that the means of viewing your position on the map is easy for you to use.  You should also check on what the customer support arrangements are before you make your choice.

Alzheimer Scotland and their partners have created a suite of materials to help you stay safe when you're out and about.  They include guidance on what features to look for, and how to talk about consent for using devices like these.

You should consider setting up a Purple Alert profile and asking your friends, family and the local community to download the app too.


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