What is ADAM?

ADAM is a new platform which will help you to find the right pieces of technology at the right time. Families and carers have told us that they would like to try using digital products and services to look after their health and wellbeing, but worry about making the wrong choices or don't have time to go looking for something that will work.  We wanted to make things easier.

Now, you can have a chat with ADAM, your digital friend, who will ask some questions about the things that are important to you, and things that might be becoming more of a challenge, and get recommendations about digital products which you might find useful.

ADAM will tell you about why they've been recommended to you and give you some insight into how easy they are to set up and use, and where you could buy them if you choose to give them a try. 

If you just want to have a browse, you can have a look through the catalogue.

Our Head of Digital, Gillian Fyfe, gives you a walkthrough in this video:

You'll soon be able to log in to save your recommendations and share them with friends or family.

ADAM has been co-designed by people living with dementia at every step, to make sure it hits the mark and everything in ADAM's catalogue has been tested by families living with dementia and our small, expert Digital Team to ensure that they are something that is likely to be useful.

The development of ADAM has been supported by the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme, and is built by Lumera Health.