ADAM is a platform that can help you to find the right pieces of technology at the right time. Families and carers have told us that they would like to try using digital products and services to look after their health and wellbeing, but worry about making the wrong choices or don't have time to go looking for something that will work.  The Digital Team at Alzheimer Scotland wanted to make things easier, so with funding from the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme, we worked with Lumera Health to create ADAM.

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ADAM (About Digital & Me) is a platform which assists people living with dementia and their families and carers to source consumer technology solutions to help with their wellbeing and day-to-day living.  ADAM only recommends consumer technology - i.e it doesn't recommend medical devices - so users will be able to purchase recommendations online, or in their local high street.  It is also worth noting that ADAM has been co-designed, involving people living with dementia and their families from day one.

Consider ADAM to be a trusted friend.  It uses a conversational questionnaire to create recommendations. The more you tell ADAM, the more personalised and tailored recommendations you will receive.  However, there is also the option to browse the different product categories without completing the questions which can be a great resource for professionals supporting people living with dementia.

All the products listed on ADAM have been tested by people living with experience of dementia, and results are provided without bias.  We do not have any affiliate arrangements with any of the manufacturers, our reviews are shared to help you make good decisions about what you might find useful.

Along with a description of each product, ADAM will let you know any additional uses for the product, good to know information, ease of use and set-up time estimate, along with an idea of costs and where to purchase.

This is the first iteration of ADAM, so we are very much encouraging feedback.  We know, for example, that it would be more beneficial if users could save their recommendations and revisit them, This is something that we would factor into future developments.  Feedback can be made directly on the platform, and I am also more than happy to speak to anyone with comments to share. 

My role as ADAM's Partnerships Facilitator is to increase awareness of this innovative platform and to explore how we diversify and develop it to make it accessible for a wide range of long-term health conditions.  

I love to hear about how technology has helped people. From the 80 year old gentleman who has his Alexa set-up to provide updates on his beloved football team, to the families keeping connected, regardless of the many miles between them.  Along with my colleagues in the Digital Team, we are determined to demystify the word 'technology' - it's just 'stuff' which can really help people live well. 

Katie Taylor, ADAM Partnerships Facilitator

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