There are approximately 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland.

The experience of the illness is subjective and unique to each individual. Effectively tackling the symptoms of dementia requires a coordinated range of health and social care interventions.

​Advanced Dementia Practice Model

Alzheimer Scotland's 'Advanced Dementia Practice Model: understanding and transforming advanced dementia and end of life care' was launched at our Staff, Volunteers’ and Members’ Conference and AGM in November 2015. 


Alzheimer Scotland’s Advanced Dementia Practice Model sets out an integrated and comprehensive approach to providing care and support for people with advanced dementia and at end of life with dementia. It combines the skill and understanding of the existing 8 Pillars Team (particularly the Dementia Practice Coordinator), as described in our 8 Pillars Model of Community Support and introduces an Advanced Dementia Specialist Team to provide optimum care.

ADPM specialist teamAs the life expectancy of people in Scotland increases, more people will experience dementia and the proportion of people dying with dementia will also grow. Advanced dementia presents the most complex phase of the illness and needs a coordinated and planned approach to care.

The Advanced Dementia Practice Model promotes the wellbeing and quality of life of both the person with advanced dementia and those closest to them. It also provides the essential support to care homes and those providing day-to-day care.

From the point of diagnosis to the end of life, every person with dementia and their family deserve the best care we have at our disposal. To achieve this we must change our current practice and transform our system. The Advanced Dementia Practice Model provides the key to the best possible care in advanced dementia and at end of life. We look forward to working alongside our many partners to test and refine the Model.

You can download a full copy of the report here:

Download the full 'Advanced Dementia Practice Model' report

Alternatively, you can download the Executive Summary:

Download the 'Advanced Dementia Practice Model' summary

For more information on the report, please contact the author of the report:

Lindsay Kinnaird, Research Manager

Telephone: 0131 243 1453 or Email: [email protected]

5 Pillars, 8 Pillars and the Advanced Model

The graphic envisages, how best people with dementia would  be supported as their condition progressed. Beginning at Post Diagnostic Support (5 Pillars Model), through to Community-based Support (8 Pillars) and End of Life (Advanced Dementia Model).

5 Pillars, 8 Pillars and ADPM

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