There are approximately 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland.

The experience of the illness is subjective and unique to each individual. Effectively tackling the symptoms of dementia requires a coordinated range of health and social care interventions.

Consultation responses

Title Publish date Overview

Audit Scotland Work Programme

1 August 2011

Alzheimer Scotland's response to Audit Scotland's proposed work plan for the year 2012/13.

GMC review of good practice in prescribing medicine

26 May 2011

Alzheimer Scotland's response the the General Medical Council's (GMC's) consultation on their updated 'Good Practice in prescribing and managing medicines and devices' guidance document for doctors.

Scotish Government's draft Self-directed Support Bill

1 March 2011

Alzheimer Scotland's response to the Scottish Government's consultation on its draft Self-Directed Support Bill.

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