Dementia Safeguarding Scheme

When someone with dementia goes missing it’s a distressing time for families. This is your guide to initiatives and resources that can help bring your loved one safely back home and ensure a prompt response in case of an emergency. These tools, developed in partnership with Police Scotland, can support a person to maintain independence and keep doing the things they enjoy with peace of mind.


Purple Alert

Purple Alert is a free app which harnesses the power of communities to help find a person with dementia if they are missing. To use Purple Alert, create a profile for the person you care for, including their name, photo, age, and any other relevant information. If the person goes missing, you can quickly and easily send out an alert to the community.

Herbert Protocol

This is a form that contains vital information about a person, such as physical description, medical conditions, and habits and routine. The form can be easily sent or handed to the police in the event of a person going missing, reducing the time to gather this information, and expediting speed of the search. We highly recommend you print this form and fill it in with as much information as possible now, before a moment of crisis.

SafeConnect Application

SafeConnect application