Day services and opportunities

Our day services and day opportunities specialise in supporting people with dementia, through therapeutic activities. They help people to maintain their skills so that they can stay independent for as long as possible and feel good about themselves.

You don't have to have a carer to attend a day service or benefit from day opportunities. Our day services and day opportunities offer a wide range of activities, including life story work, exercise to music, painting and craft work, musical activities, gardening and baking. We organise outings based on people's interests, for example, theatre, bowling, garden centres or other places of interest.

Our starting point is the person living with dementia and how best to engage you in the things that matter most to you, both from your past and your present; so if talking about your days on the football pitch or your schooldays gives you a sense of pride or generates happy memories for you, that’s what we’ll start with.

Our centres and day services also offer support to people who are in the more advanced stages of dementia, where the focus is less on activity and more on sensory care. 

Carers can also benefit from time to themselves while the person they care for enjoys the activity. Some of our centres also offer sessions in the evenings or at weekends. 

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