A Meaningful Life

Here are some ideas to help you have a full and joyful life.

  • Apps such as Storii can hold all of these things unique to you so that loved ones and people who care for you can spend time with you reading and watching all the things which give you joy. You can join communities that share your interests or hobbies using apps such as GardenTags
    • Remember you will need a device as described in the Staying Connected leaflet to use apps
  • Create a Playlist for Life or having a Spotify, iTunes or Amazon Music account for songs which hold meaning for you is useful. This means your music can be played anytime, day or night at the touch of a button
  • Do you have or do you need a SMART TV? You can enjoy what is already uploaded onto it or you can upgrade to have access to internet streaming services so you can enjoy movies of your choice with Netflix or catch up TV shows using BBC iPlayer for example.
  • Having an Audible account allows a digital library of books to be read to you maybe when relaxing in your favourite chair. These can be played simply using your voice to activate an Amazon Echo device and played through the built in speaker around your home
  • A device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, will play music from your playlist or radio station just with a spoken command. You can have books read to you, jokes told or questions about the universe answered! Ask your device what time it is, what the weather is like, set timers for cooking or medication, check travel timetables or even control your lighting and heating.
  • Using a device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home lets you connect up a multitude of other apps and devices like a HIVE home heating system, moisture detectors or doorbell cameras to ensure your environment is unique to you, allowing you to feel safe and in control of your own environment. All by using your voice!
    • You will need Wi-Fi for a device and it will need to be plugged in to work
    • You will need to set up an online account to manage the settings, or have someone You trust to do this for you.
    • Once this device is set up, it takes no technological know-how to use it – just your voice.
  • Everyone loves to reminisce. You can reminisce looking at photographs, listening to music or watching films. The internet has an infinite library available at your fingertips to so you can access, download and enjoy films, photographs, music and poetry for example……wherever you are!