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Making simple changes to your lifestyle, environment or the technology you already use can make a huge difference to your quality of life and wellbeing and help you manage essential daily routines. As well as the products to view here, you could consider some of the following things.

Eating and drinking

  • Start by looking at your kitchen. Remove unneeded clutter, make things in your kitchen simpler so what you are looking for is easier to find. Clear containers to store everyday essentials like tea, coffee are often useful.  Make space for a whiteboard or notice board to leave instructions, write reminders or help you plan meals and shopping.
  • Look at domestic products that are simpler to use, clear kettles where you can see water levels, easy to use dial operated microwaves.
  • Make sure you have smoke and heat detectors in your home. If you are worried about your safety, think about cooker isolation switches, smoke detectors, and get a visit from your local fire and rescue service for advice and installation of products that will help keep you safe. They are always very happy to help with this kind of thing.

Habits and hobbies

  • Keep up your hobbies. Look at ways to make them work for you now. If you are a keen gardener, use some good storage, organise your systems with off-the shelf products.
  • If you enjoy crosswords or sudoku, consider switching to large print versions.  Keep track of the things you do every day, your appointments and events.
  • Keep a diary, use post it notes to leave messages, use weekly planners to get a sense of what’s coming up.
  • Maybe use a clock that also displays the month and year…..or a talking clock or watch.
  • Find safe places for things like your keys. You could use key hooks by the door, or keep them on a retractable key ring.
  • Store your medication in a weekly pillbox, or in a pill dispenser with a timer notification.


  • Think about the technology you use everyday like the phone and the television. Consider whether you would be more confident using a simpler phone or remote control.
  • Are the devices around you still suited to your needs or have you stopped using some things because they seem complicated – there may be simpler devices out there?
  • Technology can seem intimidating! But with a little help from family or support groups you can learn to use new devices, for example Skype or Facetime, to help you stay in touch with friends.

Have a look at our other sections about how technology can help you in your everyday life!