Getting Out and About

Staying active and maintaining our social connections are good for all of us and should be part of a healthy routine, however getting out and about safely on your own can become more challenging when living with dementia and you can lose your confidence.

We have developed a suite of guidance to support Safer Walking, which you can download from links on this page.

If you haven't already done so, please consider downloading and creating a profile on Purple Alert, which is an app we created to help build a community of support around families if someone with dementia is missing. It gives eyes and ears on the ground and was co-designed alongside people living with dementia and the emergency services.

Have a look down the page for some things that might help you with getting out and about, with reviews from families living with dementia.

Some things to think about for getting out and about

The Herbert Protocol

The Herbert Protocol contains important information about you that would be shared with Emergency Services if anything goes wrong.  We recommend you complete it when you have plenty of time, and have someone keep it handy in case it's needed.

NHS Safer Walking Guidance for Practitioners

This guidance was produced to help practitioners who are working with people living with dementia to have conversations about safer walking.  It discusses informed consent, devices to support walking and strategies to put in place.