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Our current priorities, as detailed below, were shaped by our committee and membership through engagement with members. Following on from the priority work done in 2019, as a campaigning group the SDWG will continue Raising AwarenessAs we strive to hear the voices of more people with dementia, we will keep making Local Connections wherever and whenever we can. Our commitment to Supporting Workforce Development will also be ongoing.

SDWG Priorities 2020

SDWG Priorities 2020




For 2020, we have decided to have a strong focus on 5 areas.

1. We want to keep our members engaged and connected using the latest developments in Technology. Alzheimer Scotland’s digital services platform will allow members to reach a much wider target audience in relation to all SDWG campaigning and awareness raising activities.  We will also continue to explore and develop social media as a tool to promote all SDWG priorities and to reach out to our supporters and potential new members.

2. Research continues to be an active interest for SDWG especially looking at ways to live well with dementia. Also, of great importance for SDWG is influencing national key research priorities such as prevention, treatment and intervention. Ongoing and active engagement and collaboration with our research partners such as the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium and Join Dementia Research will be crucial.

3. Working with Young People, SDWG members will create strong links and partnerships with schools, colleges and youth programmes nationally to share lived experiences of living with dementia. We hope to raise awareness and reduce stigma for Scotland’s younger population and will link with Alzheimer Scotland localities in taking this important priority forward.

4. We want to continue Building and Developing Membership, both at a local and national level. As part of this priority, we will be working towards making the SDWG membership as inclusive and diverse as possible and to welcome ALL people with dementia throughout Scotland who are interested in campaigning and awareness raising. 

5. Housing & Community is so important in all of our lives. We want to make sure our homes, communities and environment are as dementia friendly and accessible as they possibly can be.

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