SDWG - current priorities

Since the pandemic started, the SDWG have had to change the way that they work. All engagement is now digital and because of this we have had to review and adapt the priorities that were set at our Work Plan Day in February 2020. Going forward into 2021, the group will now focus on these 4 priorities, with a higher priority focus on the first area.

SDWG Priorities 2020

SDWG Priorities 2020/21



SDWG Priorities 20-21


1. Campaigning on emerging themes

By capturing themes from Dementia Advisors, Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Helpline and from localities, the SDWG will have a better understanding of what is happening within Scotland. This will help us to focus our campaigning on emerging themes. We will establish a process for ensuring these issues are shared with our members. By having this knowledge, members will be in a better position to take work forward and confidently contribute to the discussion. Through working closely with Alzheimer Scotland’s communications team, we will continue raising the SDWG profile and increase our engagement on social media. We will continue to tell our members stories on our website, highlighting key campaigning issues. We will also continue to explore opportunities with the media that will help to raise the profile of the group.

2. Research

Research continues to be an active interest for SDWG especially looking at ways to live well with dementia. Also, of great importance for SDWG is influencing national key research priorities such as prevention, treatment and intervention. Ongoing and active engagement and collaboration with our research partners such as the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium and Join Dementia Research will be crucial.

3. Using technology 

We want to keep our members engaged and connected using the latest developments in Technology. Alzheimer Scotland’s digital services platform will allow members to reach a much wider target audience in relation to all SDWG campaigning and awareness raising activities. We will also continue to explore and develop social media as a tool to promote all SDWG priorities and to reach out to our supporters and potential new members.

4. Dementia friendly communities

We will continue to work closely with Alzheimer Scotland colleagues to produce dementia friendly communications that are easily accessible to people living with dementia.


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