Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) membership is free and open to people with dementia. The more SDWG members we have, the louder the voice of people with dementia in Scotland will be. The only requirement for membership is that you would like to meet other people with dementia to discuss things that really matter to you. Although we are not a support group, our members say that they have gained support and made friends since joining the SDWG. 

We have a membership form that you can fill in and email back to us at Once you have completed the form, an Active Voice Development Officer will be in touch to find out what areas of campaigning you are interested in. If you need any support with completing the SDWG membership form, contact SDWG. You can also download our SDWG Member Handbook which tells you about the work of the group, and what to expect when you join. 

"It is important that we engage with, and hear, the voices of people with dementia from all localities within Scotland"


SDWG Equality Statement:

“The Scottish Dementia Working Group members are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that values diversity. By standing together, we are a stronger, and more powerful voice for people living with a diagnosis of dementia in Scotland today.”

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