Understanding the prevalence of dementia in Scotland

Dementia Prevalence Dementia prevalence is the total number of people with dementia at a set point in time.

There are an estimated 90,000 people with dementia in Scotland. Around 3,000 of these people will be under the age of 65 years.

This estimate is based on the results of studies that screen for cognitive problems and dementia within the population of a set geographical area. There have been no such studies in Scotland, so we rely on the best available evidence from Europe.

We currently adopt the Eurocode prevalence rates, which were published by Alzheimer Europe in 2009. This study brought together the results from a group of population studies across Europe to calculate prevalence rates based on the analysis of this collective evidence-base

Dementia Incidence

Dementia incidence is the number of new cases of dementia occurring during a given time period, this is normally one year.

The Scottish Government has recently published a report on estimated dementia incidence in Scotland.

The purpose of this work was to provide an estimate of the number of people who should be diagnosed with dementia each year. In turn this is part of the measure in evaluating delivery of the Scottish Government’s one-year post-diagnostic support guarantee for people newly diagnosed with dementia.

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