Environmental design

The new design of our Dementia Resource Centres follow the principles of dementia friendly design, but in a way that allow for a range of individual experiences within the environment. The people who visit our centres vary from people who may have just received a recent diagnosis, to those who might be living in residential accommodation, as well as families and carers, so a range of needs must be accommodated.

We have developed our expertise in creating world leading dementia friendly interiors with an emphasis of delivering joyful spaces.  We have an expert team who can transform your environments.

Specifically, we take care to:

  • Avoid complicated pattern and colour mixes
  • Avoid encoded cues that must be learned
  • Consider cues that are more intuitive (better for long term memory)
  • Avoid complicated changes of direction; too many choices (like doors)
  • Consider sound, light and contrast as part of the sensory mix.

We also take care to avoid institutional approaches. Making accessible and understandable social settings, with a sense of “homeliness”, is important and this can be conveyed through appropriate scale and finish.

Our Dementia Resource Centres reflect this considered approach to design, and we hope that they will be the benchmark of good user centric buildings, where we can host innovative supports for many years to come.

Our offer:

  • An end-to-end design experience 
  • Design session
  • User experience testing
  • Access to tested suppliers
  • Site audit
  • Access to our graphics and signage
  • Digital integration.