How would becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation or business benefit you?

With over 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland and this number only set to rise, almost everyone knows someone with a diagnosis or has an experience of dementia. This includes every sector and every industry, from customers to staff. 

Businesses need to future proof all aspects of their operations, while consumers want businesses and organisations to value their customers. This will only be achieved with greater dementia awareness, understanding and support for customers and staff.

How Dementia Friends Scotland can help

Dementia Friends Scotland is an Alzheimer Scotland initiative to reduce stigma, raise awareness of dementia and share the simple and practical changes we can all do to make communities, environments and organisations more dementia friendly.  

Become a Scottish Dementia Friend

It's easy to become a Dementia Friend through any one of the following options:

Organise a Dementia Friends session for your organisation