The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice is committed to championing excellence advancing dementia policy and practice through education, applied research and social enterprise in three key activities:

  • Applied research for policy and practice
  • Education to promote evidence informed practice
  • Policy influencing and implementation.

The UWS Lanarkshire campus provides our Centre with a state of the art learning environment. This includes a DOMUS Centre, a highly adapted space which helps students and studies understand the substantial impact different environments can have on a person living with dementia. The DOMUS Centre features a simulated ‘home’, care and hospital spaces, as well as reminiscence and sensory rooms.

What the centre stands for

The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice is based at the Lanarkshire Campus of the University of the West of Scotland.

It works collaboratively with people with dementia, their families and the scientific and practice communities, to advance evidence informed dementia policy and practice.

The centre believes that high quality dementia care is possible when:

  • Society respects the rights of people with dementia
  • People with dementia, family carers and practitioners are involved in education, research and decision making.
  • Caring interventions and practice are research based
  • Practitioners have enhanced dementia knowledge and practical skills
  • Enlightened policies are collaboratively put into practice.

Class in a Bag

The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice Centre has developed “Class in a Bag” – a portable educational resource used to raise awareness of dementia.

Class in a Bag is designed to help explore different ways to support people with dementia in a number of settings. Each pack includes physical resources and lesson guides for five experiential interactive workshops. Two different versions of the educational resource have been developed: “Public and practitioner” and “Schools and educational organisations”.

Class in a Bag originated from the Centre’s “Dementia through the eyes of a child” research.

The Centre runs Class in a Bag half day workshops at the University of the West of Scotland. Find out more.