Our AHP dementia policy is evidence-based, shaped by listening to the voices of people living with dementia.

We used appreciative inquiry to support people living with dementia through the process of identifying what works best for them through self-directed change to help develop the Connecting People, Connecting Support framework.

Conversations with people with dementia and their families

Examples of evidence of starting conversations which helped to shape the Connecting People, Connecting Support framework and promotion of best practice:

Scottish Dementia Working Group

The AHP Dementia Forum has been honoured to work collaboratively several times with the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) as a way to make sure the voices of people living with dementia are heard.

What's important to me

A project gathering SDWG members views. You can read our blog entry or watch the film which captured the day below:

“This is Me” by Henry Rankin 

Henry Rankin guest vlogged as part of our Let's Talk About Dementia AHP Blog, encouraging us all to really think about how we see a person living with dementia and how we remember them:

Dementia Awareness Week 2015

During our time gathering information and starting conversations which would shape the framework, we used Dementia Awareness Week as an opportunity to showcase the important work of AHPs.