The ambition of enhanced access in Connecting People, Connecting Support aims for people living with dementia to experience visible and easy access to AHP expertise and services at the earliest time to derive maximum benefit to address the symptoms of the illness, now and in the future. This will include the availability of, and access to, AHP-led self-management information and supported self-management advice.

Evidence of Enhanced Access

The Allied Health Professionals leaflet

We have developed a short AHP Leaflet to outline the different Allied Health Professionals and their roles.

Let's Talk About Dementia blog

Hosted and supported by Alzheimer Scotland, the 'Let's Talk About Dementia' bog is led by AHP colleagues and was set up following Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week in 2014. The blog shares the work and practice of AHPs in relation to dementia care. It offers advice for people living with dementia, their carers, partners and families, as well as for health and social care professionals.

Raising the profile of AHPs across Twitter

The AHP Dementia twitter handle is supported and hosted by Alzheimer Scotland, which coordinates input and content from AHP colleagues to reflect the beneficial work of AHPs. It also publishes tweets daily, sharing hints and tips on living well with dementia from an Allied Health Professional's perspective.