Reports and reviews - AHP evidence

To shape our AHP dementia policy 'Connecting People, Connecting Support', we have put together research, evaluations, literature reviews and scoping evaluations exploring in-depth the available evidence to support AHP-led interventions in dementia care.

Evaluation of AHP consultants (2015)

'What is the impact of the Allied Health Professional Dementia Consultants in Scotland' is a report commissioned by Alzheimer Scotland and carried out by Gordon, J. & Greisbach in 2015.

Scoping of AHP contribution to post diagnostic support (2015)

'The Contribution of Scotland's Allied Health Professionals to Post Diagnostic Support in Dementia - An Improvement Project' was produced by McKean, Hunter and Murray in 2015. Please contact Elaine Hunter for more information. 

Systematic reviews

Shenton, Craig and Duffy published a 'Literature Review of Dementia' in 2011 with the University of York for the Scottish Government Health Department.

Alzheimer Scotland commissioned 'Dementia: A scoping review of AHP interventions for people living with dementia, their families, partners and carers' carried out by Duncan Pentland, D. of Queen Margaret University in 2015.