Our Virtual Resource Centre (VRC) is an online space where people will be able to access groups, activities, and information sessions all from the comfort of their own homes. 

You can access a range of free live and 'on demand' activities including live music sing-alongs, arts and crafts, quizzes, seated exercises and relaxation techniques. The VRC also runs a program of information sessions on topics such as financial advice, using technology, and support and services. These sessions can be booked and viewed using our what's on guides, there is a short video found at the bottom of the page explaining how to book and access them.

Everybody is welcome at our online group sessions. You can attend independently or with a companion.  Find our upcoming and on-demand program and booking links in our 'what's on guide'. For further guidance on using our what's on guide please view the how to guide video below. 

If you are not familiar with joining a group online we have created a guide which explains how to join the VRC online sessions. This can be found on the joining a VRC session button.

We welcome any comments, feedback and ideas, use our feedback button or contact the VRC facilitator by email.

VRC Facilitator Email [email protected].


How to guide

This video shows how to use the VRC what's on guide to view the available on demand videos and book a session.