Volunteers are hugely important to, and valued by Alzheimer Scotland; they are essential to the support we provide, helping us achieve our mission of making sure nobody faces dementia alone. We are committed to ensuring that our volunteers are well supported and kept up to date.

This area of our website is dedicated to our volunteers, providing the information and resources required to support a highly rewarding volunteering experience. Here you’ll find resources such as our volunteer handbook, key policies and procedures, and other useful information such as our most recent volunteer newsletters.

Some of the information is protected and if you haven’t already been told how to access this material your local Volunteer Coordinator or volunteer support staff will be able to help.


Volunteer Handbook & Volunteer Policies

Volunteer Handbook
Volunteer Policy
Volunteer Confidentiality Policy
Volunteer Complaints Policy

Volunteer Induction materials (Covid-19)

Covid-19 Guidance Beyond Level 0
Covid-19 Guidance - Frequently Asked Questions
Cleaning Guidelines for the Reopening of Dementia Resource Centres
Infection Control Policy & Procedure
Infection Prevention & Control Factsheet
Covid-19 Self Testing Guidance
Coronavirus Awareness Information
Coronavirus Myth Buster
Coronavirus Top Tips
Covd-19 - Protecting yourself and others in the workplace
Covid-19 - Wearing A Facemask
Covid-19 - Hand Washing
Test & Protect - a step-by-step guide
Covid-19 - Lateral Flow self-testing guidance
Covid-19 - Lateral Flow self-testing further guidance
Covid-19 - Lateral Flow self-testing competency framework

Newsletters & other resources

Our latest Volunteer Newsletters and other relevant information will be added here
Volunteer e-news - December 2021