Information and advice volunteers

Ensuring people with dementia, their carers & families and the wider community have easy access to information and advice about dementia is a key priority for Alzheimer Scotland. Our vision is to ensure that nobody faces dementia alone and our volunteers enable us to provide information and advice at every stage of a diagnosis.

Our information and advice volunteers are split in to two roles:

  • 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline volunteer
  • Information and advice/Memory Bus volunteer

Both of these roles require the ability to convey information in potentially sensitive environments during periods of high stress for the people who are asking for help. Due to this, these roles are open to people over the age of 18.

Our Helpline volunteers should display excellent listening, communication, empathetic and interpersonal skills; feel confident using the telephone and a variety of computer software packages (more applicable for Helpline volunteers); be able to convey information in an easily understandable manner; be willing to develop skills, knowledge and practice and display emotional resilience.

As with all volunteering roles, there will be training where required and ongoing support from our Volunteer team. Full role descriptions will be available upon application.