This section of our AHP dementia policy ambitions reflects our commitment to an AHP approach that drives improvement, innovation and research in the delivery of person-centred AHP rehabilitation.

The ambition of innovation, improvement and research in Connecting People, Connecting Support aims for people living with dementia and their families to experience AHP services delivered by therapists who are committed to an approach that drives improvement, innovation and research in the delivery of high-quality, responsive, rights-based and person-centred AHP rehabilitation.

Resources: current tools

A national approach has been developed to support local integration of Connecting People, Connecting Support and enable measurement and evidence of change. The approach is based on improvement methodology and the current tools:

Resources: AHP Dementia Webinar Series

Sharing the work and practice of allied health professionals in Scotland, our series of webinars are available to watch here. 

AHP Webinar Series

Occupational Therapy Home Based Memory Rehabilitation

This video has been created in partnership with the Scottish Dementia Working Group to demonstrate the value of rehabilitation in dementia

Animation co-design project

People living with dementia and occupational therapists are testing the use of animation to support rehabilitation. ‘Danny’s Story’ is the first in the series. The project has evolved to focus on animation to support rehabilitation and brain health and involved people with lived experience working in partnership with AHPs and AHP students.  Stuart’s Story was created by Stuart Dougall and Megan Roberts. Stuart presented the work on behalf of the Working Group at the Alzheimer Europe Conference in October 2023 and the presentation can be viewed here.

Animation co-design project

Danny's story


Stuart's story