Alzheimer Scotland are very proud of the support that we have built over the years and the many different ways that we, and our supporters, raise funds. However, there are some fundraising tactics that we do not believe in or take part in. Alzheimer Scotland does not conduct any form of door-to-door fundraising, nor do we endorse this as a way of fundraising. There are other similarly named dementia charities, such as Alzheimer’s Research UK, who fundraise across the UK including in Scotland and who do use this type of fundraising. We can confirm that any door-to-door fundraising in your area was not Alzheimer Scotland. If you have any concerns that any individuals may have been acting unlawfully, we would urge you to contact the police and report the incident. If you or someone you know are concerned and has provided card details to sign up to regular giving, we would also advise contacting your bank to cancel the direct debit and ask the bank about freezing the bank card and having a new one issued.