As we age, it’s inevitable that our brain changes, but the positive news is that we are increasingly learning more about the steps we can take throughout our life to protect our brain health.

Our Brain Health Scotland team’s mission is to inspire and empower people to protect their brain health and reduce the risk of diseases that lead to dementia. Working with all ages, from young to old, and across the whole of Scotland, they provide information and advice on brain health.

We asked four members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) what steps they take to look after their brain health. Currently living with a diagnosis of dementia, their daily activities are important to make sure they continue to live as well as possible and keep active and connected. Whether through physical activity, hobbies and socialising, they were keen to share their tips:

Margaret says: “I keep my brain active by singing – I love to sing, I always have. I used to play piano and guitar, and I still love to sing. I also love to read. I still socialise with my friends too, both from pre-diagnosis and since… it’s just great to keep my brain active.”

Tommy added: “For brain activity, I attend choir fortnightly in a local church. Apart from that, I read – fiction, non-fiction, anything at all! I also do a lot of walking. My wife and I try to get in 10,000 steps every day.”

Josie says: “My brain is kept going with my dog, Buttons. I take him out four times each day. That keeps him happy…and it keeps me happy!”

And Geoff says: “I build and fly model aircraft. They are easy to fly but require an enormous amount of brain power to build – and build them accurately. That’s especially true for my big Spitfire – it’s about 7ft 6” from tip to tip and requires a special licence from the CAA to fly. Building the model over the past three years has taken a lot of skill - planning what to do, reading and following the instructions, using the concentration part of my brain and the sheer enthusiasm to keep me going. It’s still not finished but one day, it will fly and there will be a Spitfire over the skies of Scotland again.”

It’s never too early to take preventative steps, or too late to break old habits. To find out more about looking after your own brain health visit our Brain Health Scotland Website here