Keeping warm this winter is important for all of us but especially if you are aged over 65, have a long term health condition or are at risk of falls. With temperatures dropping this time of year people living with dementia and their families may face heightened feelings of social isolation and stress. 

Here are some top tips in keeping warm as temperatures drop.

  • If you are struggling to keep warm, Home Energy Scotland have funds available to help you with things like: replacing or upgrading your heating and hot water, draught proofing, insulation and heat pumps

    Home Energy Scotland ‘warmer Homes Scotland’ is a Scottish Government Funded scheme to help owner occupiers and private sector tenants who are struggling to heat their homes.
    To find out if they can help you, call them on 0808 808 2282
  • Simple changes can help to keep your home warm. These include:
    adding thermal linings to the back of your curtains, using draught excluders on doors, Insulate pipework and bleed your radiators to eliminate any cold spots
  • Increasing vitamin D intake helps maintain healthy bones and strengthen the immune system
  • Wear several layers of clothes. A tight fitting long sleeved base layer like a thermal vest, and leggings or tights for your legs, helps trap heat and keep you warm
  • Keep moving, make sure you move at least every hour. If walking is difficult, try some seated exercises to boost your circulation
  • Having warm meals. drinks and snacking throughout the day can help you maintain energy levels

  • Heated over blankets or heated throws can help keep you warm and can be cheap to run
  • Pharmacies offer a minor aliments service and the Pharmacist can prescribe and supply treatments free of charge to treat coughs and colds to people over 60 if required
  • .Staying indoors in the cold weather can make us more isolated. Keep in touch with family and neighbours by phone or join a telephone companion services, eg Age UK’s telephone friendship service, find out more on 0800 434 6105. Or get in touch with our 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline